4502Born in Detroit. After starting school, my family moved to New York City where we lived for three years before moving back to Michigan. After I graduated from High School my Dad was transferred to Indianapolis. Currently live in Zionsville, Indiana. Tall (a little over 6’4″), athletic, well educated, open-minded. Many interests including art, music, travel, martial-arts, working out, technology, cars and motorcycles. Wrote a program that analyzed financial information and started my own company. Bought a Corvette for my 16th birthday with the money I made and invested the rest. Played football and studied Management at a Big-10 university. Finished my degree then went back to school to earn an MBA and Doctorate. Teach Business Analytics, Supply Chain and Logistics, and Project Management at a local college. Own a market research and technology company. Married. Ardent supporter of LGBT rights and member of “Indy Pride” and “Stopping the Hate.” Have worked with D.A.R.E. Indiana and local law enforcement to combat drug abuse, online predators, and cyber bullying. Cancer survivor since June 2014.